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Are you tired of feeling bored, frustrated or just blah about your life?

Do you wish to experience more joy, connection, and adventure?


Do you always find reasons to set aside your wants and dreams until someday, and someday has turned into years?

Do you find that you often make choices based on what you should do instead of what you truly want? 

I help people create the life they want with clarity and courage by inviting them to explore deeply and step outside of their comfort zone.   

“Understanding yourself is the greatest adventure there is in life. Explore bravely.” - Ron W Rathburn
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About Me

I love traveling, singing, dancing, exploring new passions and writing about my experiences. One of my greatest joys is planning meaningful trips that go beyond the obvious tourist experience, and seeing how people stretch and grow when they're challenged abroad. In addition to being a travel junkie and life enthusiast, I'm a trained Life Coach. I help women who are feeling bored or stuck create an inspired life by exploring with purpose and stepping outside of their comfort zone.

What People Say

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“Working with MarDestinee was both strategic AND actionable and gave me the real talk I needed. With Mar's coaching, I uncovered what was holding me back from engaging with social media for my business. Mar's curiosity helped me go deeper and see how I was hiding out and playing small in other areas of my life were impacting my ability to show up on social media with bold confidence. With her help, I was able to explore solutions to integrate joy and excitement more regularly and use that to fuel my social media posts."

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